My relationship with photography started with a disposable Fujifilm camera, often taken on a school or family trip, at least that is the start if I ignore being subjected to the typical family snapshot! For many years I sent off those single use cameras to be developed by post, awaiting with great anticipation their return and the disappointment at having only 1 or 2 from the 24 exposures be any good.
The break through for me was, having previously had no frame of reference or funds to really develop may skills with film, the purchase of my first digital camera. At that time only possible due to having saved extensively to travel to Tokyo, in 2002, and purchase the roughly mobile phone sized Casio only on sale in Japan. At 18 this was a revolutionary piece of technology allowing an endless trial and error learning curve with little to no processing cost or delay. From then on I photographed everything I could from bricks to sunsets and concerts.
Manchester Based Photographer and Conceptual Artist Harley Bainbridge

This is me, Harley Bainbridge 

I knew at one specific moment I had to be a photographer. That moment came in 2006 at a birthday party. As the evening progressed the friends and family of the  celebrator gathered to pose for the event photographer, I remember turning to my friend to say, " That's not the photo", shaking my head as the group smiled generically. A few seconds later after the ruckus died down the guest of honour and her husband turned away, placed down their glasses as they walked to a quiet corner, turned to each other, took a step closer and intertwined their hands. As they looked lovingly into each other eyes I gestured to my friend...

"That's the photo" 

Ever since that birthday party I have sought out those unique and individual moments and gestures. For me, the photograph is most powerful when it records and translates more than just the fact something happened but also the how and why. The image may not be dramatic or awesome but we connect to it through shared experience, knowledge and empathy. Whether it's the glance between two people, the juxtapositions and contrasts that appear naturally in the world or a scene which transcends it's component parts to reveal something more about what we see.
My commitment to technical excellence, engaging aesthetic and questioning of social perceptions has resulted in being featured in two photo book publications featured in both Hoxton Mini Press' "Portrait of Britain Vol. 3" and Sky Art's "Rankin 2020"    
My clients see that commitment to elevate the photograph in my approach. I'm not there to dominate, direct or influence the project I am covering. But I am there to support and encourage. 
As your event photographer I'm your confidante, partner, and advisor. Someone who is there when needed but equally in the background when the focus is on the event.
As a creative photographer I bring a background of marketing experience, a deep interest in social and cultural relationships, a passion for aesthetic excellence with the ability to develop and deliver engaging imagery to a brief, budget and timeline.
Finally as an a conceptual artist, I challenge the preconceptions of the photographic medium. Questioning how the photograph represents the identity of individuals and cultural. Working to break down the stereotypes and perceptions of under represented groups and social issues.
"We love the photos...
Everyone commented about how easy and comfortable 
you made everything."
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"We were so happy with how they turned out"
"I absolutely love the pictures, 
I went with number 11 as my profile picture, 
although it was hard to choose to be honest."
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Portrait of Britain Vol.3 - Published

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British Journal of Photography - Portrait of Britain 2020

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