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Portrait & Headshot Photography
Portrait Photographer Manchester

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I find portrait photography one of the most enjoyable parts of my job!
Thats because it's the most relaxed, social and potentially rewarding of all my commissions.
Working with together is all about getting know each other, Spending time chatting over a coffee finding out exactly what you want from the experience and how you intend to use your portraits. 
Whether you need a headshot photographer for your social media and business website, the whole family having a studio portrait or maybe just you and favourite pet. When you are looking for a Portrait Photographer in Manchester you need someone who understands how to give the best quality images and experience.
As a passionate & professional photographer I want you, and your loved ones, to have the best possible experience, and never looking Woof!
Headshot Photographer Manchester
Event & Wedding Photography
It's your event and you should be the the one in focus!
As an event photographer in Manchester, my goal is to help ensure that all the exciting, interesting and inspiring moments from that event are documented in a way that not only reflects your personality and values but presents them in a unique and captivating way.
When you need me I'll be right there in amongst the action organising everyone ready for the photo, when you don't I'll be getting to know your guests and location to ensure I get the best shots.
I'm there to be your eyes, your partner and your support if you need it. By your side or on the edges of the event you can relax knowing this aspect or your planning is taken care of.
Event Photographer Manchester

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Wedding Photographer Manchester
Corporate & Commercial Photography
Corporate Photographer Manchester

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Being a Corporate Photographer in Manchester takes a lot of knowledge and experience, not only of photography but also of the clients needs.
With spending over 15 years managing businesses on behalf of large corporations I understand the importance of high quality, engaging and brand representative photo imagery. 
As a PR, commercial & corporate photographer I am there to work with you in creating a portfolio of reference images for use across all platforms, web, social and print. 
My consultation service is there to discuss and plan the execution of your brief. From the initial idea through storyboarding and researching to final execution I'll be there to help you budget, refine and publish a sets of image that are distinctly yours.
By choosing bespoke photography you develop a a diverse brand image that stock images simply cannot deliver.
Corporate Event Photographer Manchester
Art Photography
For some, art photography is very much associated with the practice of landscape and still life photographers. Traditional genres with a long history founded in Renaissance painting. 
For me, Art is the act of constructing and capturing more than the aesthetic of a subject. It is about communicating the complexities of life, raising questions around how we see and interpret the world and representing people, places and ideas which we can't fully understand through other singular mediums.
As an Art Photographer I work in many different styles and approaches but my primary subject is that of representations of identity and culture and how we can challenge stereotypes and misunderstandings.
This ties into my commercial work through the deep understanding of photographic and art history, long term planning, instant decision making and the complexities of diverse subjects. 
All of which help with executing effective, engaging and forward thinking concepts.
Art Photographer Manchester

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Manchester Artist Photographer
About Me
Headshot Photographer Manchester

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I knew at one specific moment I had to be a photographer. That moment came in 2006 at a birthday party. As the evening progressed the friends and family of the celebrator gathered to pose for the event photographer, I remember turning to me friend to say, "That's not the photo", shaking my head as the group smiled generically. A few seconds later after the ruckus died down the guest of honour and her husband turned away, placed down their glasses as they walked to a quiet corner, turned to each other, took a step closer and intertwined their hands. As they looked lovingly into each others eyes I gestured to my friend, 
"That's the photo" 
It's that perception, diligence and commitment to finding unique and special images that my clients appreciate.
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